The Havanese Club of America (HCA), like other breed clubs, is experiencing the same increasing interest in agility amongst its members.

Dog agility is one of the fastest-growing dog sports in America, for good reason, it’s terrific fun, great mental and physical exercise, and an excellent way to enrich the dog-handler relationship. Havanese are energetic, playful, love to perform, eager to learn, and typically prolific jumpers, making them well-suited to the sport of agility.

Whether you aspire to compete at a national championship or just want to have fun with your dog, agility offers something for everyone.

The basis of agility is teaching your dog to jump, run through, climb, or weave around a
series of obstacles, as quickly as possible, following a pre-determined course by relying on your cues, position, and body language.

There are many agility organizations at which you can compete, each with slightly different rules and slightly different styles:

Simple training equipment can be made at home and set up in your backyard for practice. It is always best to understand your dog’s physical abilities and stage of life before running your dog in agility; too young growth plates may still be open, and too old flexibility and joints may be less able to handle the rigors of agility—HCA recommends you discuss participation in this sport with your veterinarian before beginning.

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