Local Club Applications, Insurance, Resources

Club Formation Application

If you are interested in forming a local Havanese in your area, please download this form, fill it out and then email it to:  Kathy Patrick, Local Club Committee Chairperson at localclubs@havaneseclubofamerica.org.

Download the entire application>>

Annual Update

All HCA recognized Clubs, both AKC licensed and non-licensed are required to fill out annually, scan, and email the HCA Local Clubs Annual Questionnaire PDF, or Word Document and email it to the Local Club Chairperson, Kathy Patrick, localclubs@havaneseclubofamerica.org


1. Include a current List of Officers and Board members.

2. Include a current Membership List.

3.  Submit proof of liability insurance.

For local clubs holding Events under the HCA license this document must be on file with the HCA Local Club Committee Chair BEFORE any approval will be granted to use the HCA AKC License.

Liability Insurance

It is strongly recommended that your local club obtain liability insurance to cover your meeting, events, picnics etc. These liability riders are usually best purchased through a local agent who has some idea of your activities and their locations. They are usually relatively inexpensive, and if nothing more will provide you with legal services, so that your club can hire a lawyer, who can explain in court, that your club is not worth suing.

Any HCA recognized Local Havanese Club wishing to use the HCA AKC License to hold an event is required to have and submit proof of liability insurance to the SEC and to the Local Club Committee.

Additional Resources For Your Club

Many local clubs have a quarterly newsletter and/or a website to help members keep in touch with local club activities. This past year HCA SEC requested, and the HCA Board approved, a proposal which allows HCA recognized clubs to receive up to $500.00 in seed money for their specialties and free half page ads in the Hotline to promote their specialties.

Download the HCA SEC Policy