HCA Breeder Directory

There is not much cuter than a puppy, but the truth is a puppy is just that for only a few months—when the puppy becomes a dog—a dog that will likely be living with you for more than twelve years. Finding the right puppy is work; research, questions, and finding the right breeder.

The Havanese Club of America (HCA) shares a directory of some of our breeders, for your convenience. The HCA Breeder Directory is comprised of HCA member breeders in good standing who have agreed to follow our Code of Ethics as they relate to breeding, and have provided the required information to be listed. The inclusion of a breeder in the directory does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the HCA. It is the responsibility of potential buyers to learn, ask questions, and decide for themselves if they wish to do business with any particular breeder. Finding a good breeder, the right-for-you breeder is the most important decision you will make.

The breeders in the HCA directory are members-in-good-standing and have followed the recommended health testing protocol on the sire and dam of the litter they have listed.

For additional questions email: breederdirectory@havaneseclubofamerica.org

Breeders included in this directory are HCA members, offered for convenience without implied endorsement by the Havanese Club of America.