Feeding your Havanese until it is 6 months old on the food the breeder was using is very important. Do not give the puppy anything else but fresh water. This will keep your puppy from having serious problems. Anything else, treats, food from the table, greenies, can cause the pup to have soft bowels. Their digestive system is very fragile. They can chew on hooves and big white American made rawhides to teeth but they should not consume more than a tiny amount of them.

You can buy Old Mother Hubbard biscuits. They come in tiny sizes. Get the ones that are biscuit color. You can give one when you put the pup in the kennel at night to sleep, and break another one in half and offer ½ at time with 2 successful potty outings a day. The pup is only getting 2 a day. If this makes the pups bowels soft you will not be able to do this.

You will leave food down for your puppy at all times for the first three days after coming home with it. You can add a little warm water to it if you would like. Just remember moist food equals softer bowels. You can measure a lot about your pup’s health by watching that its bowels are consistent. The food and water are to be kept in the same place so the pup knows where it is. Day four you will feed it 3 x a day. Food is placed down for 15-20 minutes and picked up. At 6 months old, 2x a day. I feed 2x a day for life from that point on.