Hugs and Kisses

Ok, now you have just brought your new puppy home. The world has definitely grown bigger for him and everything is brand new. Hopefully, you have remembered to take a toy to the breeders or a blanket and rubbed that toy on his mom and littermates.

He needs to be introduced to a new living space. This space should be just one room. Hopefully, you have chosen a room without carpeting. Choose a room, which will have easy access to the outside. Pick a room that your family spends a great deal of time in. It is a good idea if your puppy comes paper trained to place the newspapers as close as possible to the door in which later, he or she will be going out to make his or her potty. Remember when puppies are young they do require a lot of sleep. It really is not good to make a habit out of waking a sleeping puppy. You will learn this early on and learn to appreciate every sleeping minute so you can manage to get something done. Do not allow children to wake the puppy to play when they are sleeping. Explain to them that they need their rest.

Your new Havanese puppy is not going to be happy when left alone. He or she will want you every waking minute and expect you to be there. In his mind you are their new companions and he will make that very clear to you. When left alone be prepared to hear him tell you that.

Be prepared for all those loving kisses that are the best part. But also be prepared to give up almost all of your time, which you have spent on other things. This is very important in the beginning. The first weeks in your home is when the bonding between you and your new puppy happen. Talk to your puppy, have long conversations so he can learn the sound of your voice. A Havanese will listen intently, cocking heads and paying strict attention. So talk to them, sing to them.

Playtime is very important. If you take the time to play with your pup, the bonding between you will be greater. When these little guys are awake they are just filled with energy and let’s just say, “Ready to roll”. They are a very high-energy breed and love to play and run and do badness. Remember you are working with a breed that possesses the shredder gene. Tissues, toilet paper, newspapers fill their hearts with glee while they tear them to shreds.

The best advice I can give is to enjoy your puppy to the fullest while they are young. He will reward you with many years of companionship and love.

You are full of excitement and expectations. This new baby will bring you years of companionship. I cannot promise there may not be a few surprises and ups and downs along the way. If you have done your homework and picked a good breeder then they should have done everything in their power to assure that this puppy’s parents have been tested and found free of hereditary problems that we are aware of in this breed. There may be hidden recessive genes that have not surfaced, but to date they should know they are both healthy and genetically sound both physically and temperamentally.