Havanese housetrain the fastest if they are on a regular schedule and kept in a pen or crate when they are unsupervised. Breeders should be helping puppies choose an appropriate spot to eliminate by eight weeks old. At twelve weeks old, most puppies should be capable of holding themselves overnight, or letting their owners know when they need to eliminate.

When your puppy is first brought home, take it outdoors to a selected spot and praise the puppy for sniffing there. Every time the puppy is taken outside, bring it to the same spot and praise it profusely when it eliminates there.

Do not play with the puppy outside until he goes to his spot and at least sniffs around. Also, keep the spot cleaned up. Inside the house, the new puppy should be let out to play no longer than 20 minutes at a time before either being taken outside to its spot, or being returned to the pen or crate. As the puppy gets older and its muscles develop, it will become more reliable and the free time can be gradually lengthened.

Havanese can be trained to go to the door to “ask” to go out, and can also be bell-trained, whereby they ring a bell to let their owner know they need to go out.