I cannot stress how important socialization of a puppy is in the weeks between 8 weeks and 12 weeks. You have a month to introduce as many new experiences as you can to your puppy. You have to supervise and be aware of possible threats to the puppy. Do not suffocate the puppy by being overly protective. Just be careful. Let the puppy warm up to every new situation and praise it when it does. Do not keep repeating to a frightened puppy “IT’S OK. You are teaching the puppy the fear that it is exhibiting is Ok. If the puppy is terrified you need to quietly and calmly remove the source of its terror. Please use common sense. Your puppy should walk on all kind of surfaces, meet all ages of people, greet friendly pets of people you know and be exposed to all kinds of different sounds. A well-socialized puppy will turn into a great adult dog.