The most appealing aspect of the breed – the jewel in the Havanese crown – is its winning temperament. Happy, loving, intelligent, social and accommodating, the Havanese perform to their highest capability when rewarded with constant human companionship. An ideal family companion, they blend well with dog-oriented children, offering themselves as constant playmates. They are equally content to sit and snuggle and watch while in the company of family members. Gender plays no part in the breed’s mellow temperament, as both males and females display equal portions of brains, beauty and heart. Both playful and alert, the Havanese is both trainable and intelligent, with a sweet, non-quarrelsome disposition.

Havanese puppies are very busy, and full of energy and curiosity becoming calmer yet still playful as they mature into adults. Because Havanese live longer than many other dogs, particularly the larger breeds, they develop more slowly. Havanese age gracefully however, keeping their youthful appearance and playful attitude well into their teens. The average lifespan of the breed 15 years.