It is very important to remember this. This puppy is your responsibility once you have purchased it. This puppy’s long-term health is in your hands now. The environment your puppy is raised in, the nutrition you provide for your puppy and activities you allow your puppy to engage in as well as the vaccinations you allow your Vet to give play a huge role in the health and longevity of your puppy.

Select Your Veterinarian wisely!!

 You need to select a Veterinarian. The one you choose could mean the difference between life and death for your dog. Your Veterinarian should be willing to work with you and listen to your desires. Should they be dictators and insist on their way or the highway. Pick the Highway. The only vaccination your dog is required to have by law is the Rabies Shot. If you would like to have your Vet give vaccinations of your choosing and not give certain vaccinations at all they should be open to discussion with you about this. You need to pick a Vet as carefully as you would pick a Pediatrician. You should be allowed to have choices and options when it comes to your dog’s health care. The office should be clean. The receptionist should be helpful and not treat you like a number. You can ask for a tour of the facilities but please remember that the Vets are busy and you are not the only client they have. You can ask if they have any other Havanese as clients. You can ask other Havanese owners or pet owners you know in your area what Vet they use. Find out if they handle emergencies. If not, where is the closest emergency vet in your area? Ask what fields they specialize in? You may want a holistic vet. Do not be afraid to be a little aggressive about picking a Vet that is going to be the best one for your dog’s needs.