Havanese Rescue

While we all hope every Havanese finds its lifelong home when it leaves its momma, sadly that is not always the case. There are many reasons a Havanese ends up without a permanent home, and just as many reasons that each of them deserves a new, loving home.

While HCA is not directly engaged in Havanese rescue, we have reviewed several organizations, and recommend one independent nonprofit rescue organization — Havanese Rescue, Inc.

Havanese Rescue Inc, (HRI) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization that has been rescuing Havanese and Havanese-mix dogs for twenty+ years. While the Havanese Club of America donates annually to HRI, they are not under HCA oversight or management.

Most dogs come to HRI directly as owner surrenders, some come from shelters or animal control as strays, and others are left there by owners. Sometimes, dogs come from a puppy mill that has closed or is no longer interested in the breed or the dog in question.

HRI does not buy dogs from auctions, puppy mills, breeders, or owners.

If you need to surrender your Havanese to rescue or would like to learn more about rescued Havanese, contact HRI.

HRI is the only Havanese Rescue organization that the HCA supports.