Methods of Holding Events

Plan 1 Local Specialty Club Seeking AKC Licensing

  1. Local Club applies to HCA for recognition.
  2. Local Club applies to AKC for Inquiry Status.
  3. Local Club holds fun matches etc.
  4. Local Club applies to AKC to hold Sanctioned B matches
  5. Local Club receives AKC approval to hold B match. After holding at least one Sanctioned B match, the local club can hold a supported entry under its name with a licensed All-Breed Club.
  6. Local Club holds additional B matches.
  7. Local Club applies to AKC for A Match Sanctioned Status.
  8. If approved local club can hold A match events.
  9. Local Club holds at least 2 A Match sanctioned events.
  10. Local Club applies to AKC Club Relations for License Status.
  11. If approved local club can hold licensed events ( i.e. Local Specialty)

Basically, through out this process your club is trying to obtain different levels of AKC recognition. It is designed as a learn as you go process, each step requiring differing levels of proficiency on behalf of your club. Progression can be slow, and advancement is not assured. The local club is dealing with AKC Club relations and AKC Events Departments independent of the HCA.

Plan 2 Local Club Holding Events Under the HCA License

  1. Local Club applies to HCA for recognition.
  2. Local Club submits Annual Events Application to HCA Show Events Committee.
  3. HCA Show Events Committee recommends plans to the HCA Board for Approval.
  4. With Board approval your local club is able to hold a Local Specialty licensed by the HCA.

Under this program all your local club events are HCA Events. Your local club deals entirely with the HCA. The HCA ( as the AKC licensed club ) deals with the AKC. If your Club holds a Specialty it is an HCA Specialty, (i.e. The HCA Lone Star Havanese Specialty) if your clubs holds a supported entry it is an HCA supported entry. Essentially, the AKC is assuming that the parent club has sufficient expertise to hold these licensed events. Your local club is non-existent in the eyes of the AKC.

Plan 3  Local Club holding some events under the HCA license while pursuing independent AKC recognition.

This is really some combination of the above two plans. It allows a local club to hold HCA Specialties or supported entries, while at the same time holding matches which are recorded through the AKC. The club must be aware of which events require HCA approval and which require AKC approval. It recommended that inexperienced clubs do not pursue this plan until they have acquired some working knowledge of events planning.

Ultimately, every local club has to decide which method they want to utilize to proceed to holding events. Each plan has inherent advantages and disadvantages. Plan 1 tends to be time-consuming, the local club must prove to the AKC, based on previous events that it is ready to move to the next level. Under this plan your club is essentially on its own with the AKC and the HCA is really uninvolved. Plan 2 offers the local Havanese Club many more options at an earlier stage of club development. It should be noted that this method requires that all Specialties and / or Supported Entries are HCA supported events. More than likely your clubs name will not appear in the premium list of such events. Holding events under the HCA license also requires, a high degree of communication and consultation with the HCA Show Events Committee. In essence the AKC is utilizing the experience and expertise of the parent club to ensure the success of local events.

It is of the utmost importance, that local Havanese clubs are well aware of these two plans, and that they have sufficient information regarding each, that they can determine an appropriate plan for holding events. These options should be discussed at the board and membership levels in order for each local club to reach a decision.