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Judges’ Education – Havanese Breed Study

Judges’ Education Committee
Terry Dennison, Chair | Sandy McCabe | Kathy Patrick | Julie Vogel

The Havanese Club of America (HCA) welcomes the opportunity to provide seminars and Judges’ Breed Study groups upon request: Judgesed@havaneseclubofamerica.org

The HCA Judges’ Education Program is offered annually in conjunction with its National Specialty Show. Comprised of an in-depth PowerPoint presentation with a hands-on portion including live dogs. This presentation is followed by ring-side mentoring with our knowledgeable and vetted breeders, and/or breeder Judges who are available to share their years of experience and insight with you.

We will provide two knowledgeable presenters, dogs for hands-on examination, a take-away study guide, and club certificates of participation at no cost for each participant.

The HCA Judges Education Presentation requires an overhead projector and screen. To schedule a presentation for your club or organization or to receive a list of approved mentors for the breed, please contact: Judgesed@havaneseclubofamerica.org

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