Local Club Committee Mission Statement

The Havanese Club of America Local Club Committee is responsible for encouraging and assisting the formation of new local clubs as well as providing policy guidelines for HCA recognition of such clubs. Applications from local clubs seeking HCA recognition should be sent to the HCA LCC Chair, Kathy Patrick at localclubs@havanese.org. The committee will review and process all local club applications for HCA recognition, and provide the necessary recommendations to the HCA Board. The Local Club Committee shall establish and maintain an informational section on the HCA website directing interested individuals to existing HCA recognized local clubs as well as clubs in the process of formation and individuals who are the contact person for a geographical area. The Local Club Committee will mandate that each HCA recognized local club will provide to the Local Club Committee updated information regarding membership, officers, and any changes in its constitution and bylaws on an annual basis.


HCA Recognized Local Club – a club that represents the interests of a single breed (Havanese) on a local level and has been formally recognized by the HCA Board of Directors

Formation Status Club – A group of individuals that are currently in the process of forming a local club in a specific geographical area. These clubs have not met the criteria for recognition by the HCA Board of Directors.

Contact Person – An individual who is interested in forming a local club and whose application has been approved by the LCC as the contact point for that geographical area. These contact individuals should be afforded access to the Local Club e-list and all other HCA information and resources regarding local club formation and development. These contact persons will be listed on the HCA website.

Process of Local Club Formation

  • Interested person or persons apply to the HCA LCC for recognition and listing on the HCA website.
  • When several people in an area express interest and begin organizing, they can be considered a formation status club.
  • The LCC will provide assistance, as requested, in organizing and forming the local club.
  • When the formation status local club feels it has satisfied the criteria expressed in the guidelines for HCA recognition it shall provide an application requesting HCA recognition to the LCC.  The application can be found on the “Formation Application” page of this website.
  • The LCC reviews the application for recognition and presents it to the Board for approval.
  • The local club becomes an HCA Recognized Local Club

Guidelines for HCA Recognition of Local Clubs

  • Clubs should be made up of 12 to 20 households
  • Membership should represent a geographic area.
  • Individuals listed on the membership list should be marked so as to indicate their level of participation B for breeder
  • E for exhibitor
  • J for judge
  • HCA for Havanese Club of America member
  • 30% of the club’s membership should be HCA members
  • The club should provide information establishing that it has been in existence for at least six months.
  • Provide a list of Officers and /or Steering Committee
  • Copy of Constitution and Bylaws based on the AKC model
  • Code of Ethics should not be tied to disciplinary action.
  • Dissatisfaction with an existing club in the same area is not a justification for the formation of a new club.
  • Policy for HCA Recognized Local Clubs
  • Encourage inclusive membership policies
  • Encourage holding HCA events such as supported entries and /or specialties
  • Utilize HCA resources in planning educational events and programs.
  • Obtain some form of liability insurance to cover local club events and meetings.
  • Encourage local club members to utilize HCA national services (like breeder referral) rather than attempting to duplicate them at the local level.

The Local Club Committee will mandate that each HCA recognized local club will provide to the Local Club Committee updated information, regarding membership, officers, and any changes to its constitution and bylaws on an annual basis. The failure of an HCA Local Club to comply with the above provision may result in the forfeiture of its ability to participate in HCA Local Club events.  All club need to file for an IRS Not-For-Profit status and be sure to file a 990N annually with the IRS.  Check your State requirements as well regarding any tax filings and status.