HCA Membership Application – Process & FAQs

The Havanese Club of America (HCA) is an AKC-approved parent breed club and exists to protect and advance the interests of the Havanese breed, according to its Constitution, By-Laws, and Code of Ethics. Our members are stewards of the purebred Havanese dedicated to loving and caring for this delightful breed. Members who breed Havanese are committed to honoring the breed standard and guarding its health and longevity.

The Havanese Club of America Membership Committee has prepared the following information for new applicants to become more familiar with the HCA application process.

The most important criterion for membership in the Havanese Club of America is for the applicant to have demonstrated a passion for and commitment to the objectives of the club as outlined in Section 2 of its Constitution.

Therefore, the Membership Committee emphasizes the following areas when considering applications for membership in the HCA:

a) Has the applicant proven actions to protect and advance the breed
b) Has the applicant actively participated in local and/or national breed clubs
c) Does the applicant demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of the breed standard
d) Has the applicant shown a history of sportsmanship and conduct as it pertains to the HCA Code of Ethics

What types of things will the Membership Committee look for in new applicants?

  • Past experiences—competition, breeding, rescue, club involvement—with Havanese and/or other breeds
  • History of active involvement in local and/or national breed clubs—holding office, participating on committees, supporting activities; Specialties, Nationals, fund-raising, shows/trials, and community activities
  • Previous experience in the HCA or local Havanese club as a volunteer
  • A history of commitment to excellence in breeding to the Breed Standard
  • Proven ability to work well with others
  • For applicants who currently breed or plan to breed, is there a consistent practice of following recommended health testing protocols; annual CAER Eye, OFA Hips, and OFA Patellas

For more information review our Health section on this site. You may wish to visit the OFA for CHIC health testing details, We consider health testing to be of paramount importance for HCA members as it is a key action that members can perform to protect and advance the next generations of the Havanese breed.

What do we expect of the sponsors?

      • Sponsors, two (2) are required, must be HCA members in good standing for 2 years following their initial membership approval to sponsor an applicant
      • Each HCA Member may sponsor up to four (4) applicants per calendar year. The sponsorship is counted against the year in which the Endorsement Form is signed.
      • Sponsors of new applicants are expected to know the applicant well and to truly believe the prospective member will be an asset to the Havanese Club of America
      • Membership in the HCA is a privilege, and we trust all HCA members will want to serve the club (and by doing so, serve the welfare of the breed) in whatever capacity they feel best suited
      • Whether it is serving as a volunteer on a committee, contributing to fund-raising activities, or volunteering to help at an HCA-sponsored event, we seek to have members willing to engage
      • Sponsors should make prospective members aware that this is an active club, and we wish for applicants who already have a track record of serving a breed club or all-breed club and who express a sincere desire to become active in the HCA
      • Sponsors must realize that the applicants they sponsor will have voting rights in the Havanese Club of America and should possess the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions
      • Sponsors must be fully committed to supporting any applicant they recommend, meaning Sponsors should be more than passing acquaintances of the applicant
      • Sponsors are responsible for submitting Endorsement Forms promptly to ensure the application process moves as quickly as possible

What are the advantages of HCA membership?

You must belong to the Havanese Club of America to:

      1. Hold an HCA Office or Committee Chair position
      2. Have HCA voting rights (applies to Regular and Household members only)
      3. Be eligible for HCA recognition titles and awards
      4. Volunteer to serve on HCA committees
      5. To influence the decisions and activities of the HCA

If you wish to join other Havanese owners and attend social functions; parties, workshops, community activities, play dates, and picnics, you might want to consider joining a local/regional Havanese club. The HCA website has a listing of local Havanese Clubs.

Membership at the local level for a few years is an excellent way to make friends, learn how a breed club functions, become more familiar with the breed, and continue your Havanese education. The smaller local clubs usually offer more in the way of person-to-person contact and more opportunities for social functions. Joining a local club is a great way to cultivate friendships and establish a mentor relationship. Please take some time to consider the benefits of membership in your local or regional Havanese club.

How do I request an HCA application?

Applicants interested in becoming an HCA member can easily review the membership process by simply completing the online application, and notifying your sponsors to complete their endorsement forms. Any questions may be directed to the Membership Committee: membership@havaneseclubofamerica.org

What are the basic HCA application requirements?

      1. Applicants should submit their completed online (or PDF version) application to the Membership Committee
      2. Applicant(s) must own or co-own an AKC-registered Havanese This includes the names of both individuals applying for a Household Membership
      3. A copy of the AKC registration for one Havanese owned or co-owned by each applicant is required
      4. Applicants must have two sponsors (not residing in the same household) who have been HCA members for at least two years following the date of their membership approval
      5. Sponsors may not be closely related (includes spouse, mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparents, or grandchildren) to the applicant or each other.
      6. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their sponsors complete the appropriate Endorsement Form and submit it promptly to the HCA Corresponding Secretary
      7. Any misrepresentation of facts on the application form will be grounds for immediate rejection

Thank you for your interest in the Havanese Club of America