Name Badge & Welcome Bag

These are optional! This is for individuals who are breeders, owners, exhibitors — if you are a Spectator please see the Spectator RSVP form at the HCA National Specialty Registration Shop >>

We hear you: not everyone needs another tote bag. And if you do, you want a nice bag with a full-color logo! This year, we’re offering three welcome bag options: A paper shopping bag; a souvenir tote bag; or decide you do not need welcome bag at all. The HCA is offering the tote bag below cost and the paper shopping bag is perfect if you love the gifts but don’t need another reusable bag. The contents of both bags are the same. One welcome bag per registered name.

For the paper bag, picture a department store paper bag with handles. For the souvenir tote, we will have a full-color logo and a nicer material. And if you don’t need a bag and don’t want the gifts, you can opt out of a welcome bag and still get a name badge. The nominal registration fee helps us offset the costs associated with the badges and bags. If you register non-members at the member rate, we will refund your purchase minus fees and ask you to re-register.

If you register incorrectly too close to the deadline, you risk not receiving a badge or bag. These badges are for dog show participants – you are not involved (breeder, owner, handler, agility/obedience/rally exhibitor, etc) please register as a spectator. One welcome bag per registered name. Non-refundable after: ?.