OWNER & PUPPY BUYER EDUCATION2024-05-06T13:24:02-04:00

Owners & Puppy Buyer Education

Thank you for reaching out to the Havanese Club of America (HCA) for help in finding a Havanese to be your forever companion. The breeder you select is extremely important. You should get a sense of commitment to the breed and the health and upbringing of their adult Havanese and their puppies during your first contact. On this site, you’ll find contacts in our Breeder Directory and links to HCA’s Local Clubs.

So how do you begin to establish a relationship with a breeder?2024-05-06T13:21:39-04:00

You must ask questions, many questions. Have a list of questions on hand for your first contact with a breeder. If you call, always start by asking, “Is this a convenient time to speak?” Too often, a well-intentioned call comes at a very wrong time and a breeder may not be able to provide in-depth responses. Call or email to make a mutually convenient phone appointment. Your questions should include: How long have you been breeding Havanese? How many litters do you have each year? Do you show your dogs in breed, performance, and/or companion events?  What health testing have you done on the parents of the puppy/dog?  What health testing have you done on this puppy/dog?  Be sure to refer to the OFA.org website to verify health testing information. Ask to see their sales contract. Review it carefully. Many breeders will ask you to complete a prospective owner’s questionnaire. That questionnaire will also give you an idea of the breeder’s concerns for their puppy/dog.

If you are uncomfortable with the breeder on the phone, or their responses to your questions, they may not be the right breeder for you. The commitment you will be taking on to your new Havanese is lifelong, and that should be the same for the breeder.

Ask the breeder for references and be prepared to provide your references, as well.

What help can you expect from the breeder in the future?2024-05-06T13:14:58-04:00

While it is preferable to find a breeder within driving distance from your home, that may not always be possible. A Zoom or video chat may help you to establish a feel for the breeder if you can’t visit with them in person. Ask to see the mother of the litter and, if possible, the father too. Find out whether the breeder has a Havanese available for you now, shortly, or is placing you on a waiting list for a future litter. Most breeders won’t ship an unaccompanied Havanese, so find that out early in your conversation, if you are not within driving distance to pick up your puppy.

Ask for the breeder’s accomplishments –2024-05-06T13:16:00-04:00

Ask for the breeder’s accomplishments in the show ring, at performance or companion events, or their other accomplishments such as Certified Therapy Dogs. Low on your list of questions should be the color or sex of available dogs. Havanese often go through color and color-pattern changes. Take a look at Colors of the Rainbow to see some of the various appearances.  What begins as a dark sable-and-cream puppy can wind up as a solid white adult. Be flexible in your preferences.

Which is better, a male or a female?2024-05-06T13:17:01-04:00

They are both wonderful. Be open to falling in love with either. “The females will love you, the males will adore you” is an often-heard comment. Each dog is different, and training and housebreaking varies dog-by-dog.

When you inquire about the cost of the puppy –2024-05-06T13:18:01-04:00

When you inquire about the cost of the puppy, find out what that price includes such as equipment provided, health guarantees, health testing, vaccinations, further assistance from the breeder, and future breeder involvement.

Havanese are dogs for “all seasons” and you should check out all the ways you can have fun with your dog—see our Activities section—it’s really fun!

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