Types of AKC Clubs

Local Specialty Club: a club that represents the interests of a single breed on a local level.

Inquiry Status Clubs: Clubs which have notified the AKC of their existence, but have not yet been approved for holding AKC Sanctioned Events.

Sanctioned Status Clubs: Clubs which have been approved to hold AKC Sanctioned A or B Events ( usually Matches ), but not AKC Licensed Events at which titles may be won.

Licensed Clubs: Clubs which are AKC approved to hold events at which championship points and/or titles may be won.

Parent Club: a specialty club representing one breed on a national basis. The AKC recognizes only one Parent Club for each breed. The HCA is a licensed club recognized as the Parent Club for the Havanese breed. Local Specialty Clubs may hold events under the license of the parent club (HCA) provided they have met the following criteria; 1. That they are formally recognized by the parent club. 2. That they have applied to the appropriate committees to hold these events, and such events have been approved by the parent club Board of Directors.

Member Clubs: Clubs which have been holding AKC licensed events are eligible to apply for membership in the AKC. ( Local Specialty Clubs are not eligible to apply for membership status) Member Clubs select delegates of their choosing to attend the AKC’s quarterly meeting. Clubs are elected to membership by the sitting delegates.

Group Clubs: represent the interests of particular Group in a geographical area. i.e. Toy Dog Club of Central Florida.

All Breed Clubs: Represent the interests of all breeds recognized by the AKC in a geographical area.