Types of Events

National Specialty:

An annual independent Specialty Show devoted to a single breed. The HCA National Specialty is the responsibility of the parent club and held under the HCA license. While the HCA National Specialty may be held at a site that has an active local club, the HCA plans, organizes, and sponsors the event.

Independent Specialty:

A show that is held “independent” of any other club ( except the HCA) . Your club is responsible for Judges, and their expenses, both for sweeps and regular classes, trophies, premium lists, catalogs, rental of rings and/or site and all arrangements with the superintendent. Often several Independent Specialties of different breeds will be held on the same date and location to help reduce costs.

Designated Specialty:

A local club ” designates ” the regular classes at an all-breed or group show as its Specialty. Sweeps and other non-regular classes may be offered. Your local club is responsible for sweeps judges and their expenses and the trophies. But premium lists, catalogs, are shared with the show-giving club. Breed judges are usually hired by the show-giving club, but you may have some input if you start your planning early. Often the show-giving club will provide your local club with a portion of the entry fees generated by your local specialty, usually in the range of $2 to $5 per dog. Your club must be AKC licensed to offer this sort of specialty. If your club is using the HCA license to do this, the specialty must be listed as an HCA specialty. (i.e. the HCA will designate the classes at this show as its Tropical Specialty). All revenues produced will go to your local club. Supported Entry: your club agrees to support the entry (encourage its members to enter dogs) at another clubs show. This is usually done in conjunction with an all-breed or group show. Your club will be responsible for trophies, but judges, premium lists, and catalogs are the domain of the show-giving club. Clubs seeking AKC recognition may hold a supported entry after having held a B match. Clubs holding supported entries under the HCA license, must apply to the HCA to do so and the supported entry will be an HCA event.