The Day has Finally Come to Pick Up Your New Havanese Family Member!

What You Should Receive From The Breeder Before Paying The Full Purchase Price On your New Puppy:

Both parents should be registered with AKC and a copy of their pedigree (family tree), or a copy of the puppy’s pedigree, should be sent home with your puppy.
Both parents should have a minimum of CHIC requirements for their health testing. The CHIC is the Canine Health Information Center, working with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and breed clubs to determine the minimum health testing for each breed. The current stipulations for a CHIC in the Havanese breed includes: Hips (OFA or PennHip), Patella and ACVO eye exam. Many breeders may also choose to include hearing, cardiac, elbow, DNA diseases etc. You can look these up on the OFA website by the parents registered name. Your breeder should be more than willing to provide this information if their registered names are not already available on the breeders website.

You should be given any medical records about your puppy, including vaccinations, deworming, etc. If you are traveling by plane with your puppy you will need a Health Certificate from the puppy’s Vet. The puppy cannot be younger than 8-10 weeks depending on which airline you are flying with and the health certificate cannot be older than 10 days from examination of the puppy. You will need to coordinate this with your breeder to assure the puppy is the proper age to fly on your airline and the proper paperwork is in place for time of pickup.

It can be expected that you will need to sign a contract. It is a good idea to get a copy of this in advance so you can review it and ask any questions before you arrive to pick up your puppy. When you pick up your puppy you can expect to sign two copies of the contract, one for your records and one for the breeder.

In order to receive the Registration Papers for your puppy the breeder may send home a registration application with your puppy. Some breeders may register your puppy for you online and the registration will be sent to you by AKC. Check with your breeder to see how they handle registration. If you are buying a pet these papers will probably be marked Limited. Limited means this puppy’s offspring can never be registered and this puppy cannot compete in a conformation (breed) ring. It means this puppy was not sold to breed. The breeder may want to withhold the papers until the puppy is spayed or neutered. If so, you must have this clause written in your contract. Always cover the bases. Make certain your contract stipulates your puppy will come with AKC registration and includes the registered name and number of both parents. This will help if you should need to contact the AKC if for some reason you are unable to get the puppy registered through your breeder

If you are buying a Show and/or Breeding puppy the registration papers will be marked Full. The breeder may want to have the puppy registered in your name as the Owner and also registered in their name as a Co-owner. Once the contractual agreements on this puppy are completed the breeder will usually sign off as a co-owner and you will be the sole owner of the puppy. This is why the contract is so important. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT YOU CANNOT OR ARE UNWILLING TO FULLFILL. You must be made aware that for any reason the breeder loses their AKC privileges and is suspended from AKC all of the dogs’ they are named as a co-owner of will also lose their registration and show privileges. This site can supply you with more information on registrations.

Ask your breeder if your puppy has been microchipped. If it has, you will receive it’s number and paperwork to register the chip to you, or the breeder may do the registration online and you will be sent the registration in the mail.

Most breeders will inform you of what food the puppy is eating or give you some of the food. They should provide instructions of where to purchase the food to continue your puppy on the same diet. A sudden change in diet may render your puppy very ill.

Since you will now have an AKC Havanese, you may want to consider reviewing the AKC Havanese Standard and The Havanese Club of America. It’s fun to learn about the breed and connect with other Havanese families.

Here are a few more resources that will interest you and help you in the future with your new puppy. The American Kennel ClubOrthopedic Foundation for Animals, CHIC.  There are several Havanese Facebook groups you may want to join.  It can be fun connecting with other Havanese owners.